20th March Coronavirus Update

20th March Coronavirus Update

We have now received published information from the Government about ‘key worker.’



Before reading the key worker list, it is ESSENTIAL that you consider the following advice:

  1. EVEN IF YOU ARE A KEY WORKER, please keep your child a home if it is possible to free up resources at school for those that really need them. PLEASE be mindful. If it is AT ALL possible for children to be at home, with you or your partner, or another family member, then THEY SHOULD BE. By increasing the number of children in school during school closures, only increases the risk of the virus spreading. The Government advises everyone to social distance themselves. Help us to help those who really need our help and not put any of our children unnecessarily at risk. Thank-you
  2. School will not be an educational setting. We are simply providing a service to keep children safe.
  3. IF YOU BELIEVE YOU ARE A KEY WORKER AND NEED A SCHOOL PLACE. Please contact the school with the following information by 12.00pm today at nichola.keith@broadstonehall.stockport.sch.uk
  • Child’s name and class
  • Key worker role & employer details
  • If both parents are ‘key workers’ please provide details of both
  1. We will let you know by the end of the day if we are able to offer you a place or not.

We are working as hard as we can, please bear with us during these worrying times


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