A Friday message from the Headteacher

Dear Parents,

Thank you for your continued engagement with our remote learning provision, we hope that you are managing to keep up with the content that is being sent out.

From Monday 18/01/21, we will be uploading a weekly assembly, stories, general advice and information for children who are working from home, via the Purple Mash platform. These will be recorded by myself and Mr Bagguley, rather than the class teachers.

These will be set up in the "to do" section of the platform and we will aim to make content age appropriate for each year group. The content is aiming to be helpful, informative and entertaining and is additional to the daily tasks that pupils are expected to complete.

Please keep a look out for these over the week as they will become available on the days that children in school can access them, in order to make the provision at home and at school as similar as possible.

We hope that you enjoy them.

Many thanks,

Simon Langley, Headteacher.

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