Christmas Card Designs

Dear All,

The Mystery of the piece of paper with the black border REVEALED!

If you received a piece of paper with the black border in with your child's bookbag, then DO NOT throw it out or rip it up - if its not already too late! Whoops!

The message should have been relayed home (or not! ;-) that this is for your child to create a beautiful Christmasy artwork that will be sent away and immortalized forever in a Christmas card that you can purchase at a later date. For Infants taking part, this will have been done in class, rather than come home.

Please make sure that afore mentioned piece of paper, is completed and returned to school by no later than Wednesday 17th October so that the admin side can be completed and sent away before the end of half term.

Thank-you for you co-operation - oh and Merry Christmas!!!!!

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