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After School Clubs 2021-2022

School Clubs from September 2021

Now that most of the requirements concerning the reopening of schools from September 2021 have been lifted, we are hoping to offer a wider range of after school clubs, as we have done in the past. A full list was made availble via school spider in July 2021 and the club offer will be updated each term.

The reduced requirements will also apply to Breakfast Club and The Hub and we are aiming to safely open these to a wider group of children from September 2021. Numbers may have to be limited if demand is very high and booking for breakfast club places will have to remain mandatory in order to meet safety regulations.

Dear Parents/Carers,

We offer a wide variety of after school activities at Broadstone Hall Primary School. Our Afterschool Clubs are charged half termly and are booked on a first come first serve basis. There are three full terms in the school year (Spring, Summer & Autumn.) Afterschool Clubs will always start the first week back of the term, and you can re-join again after the half-term break.

Afterschool Clubs will never run during the last week of a term (Spring, Summer & Autumn).

To make payments easier for parents, we will charge per half term via

Broadstone Hall clubs are charged at £3.00 per session

PSC Ltd clubs are charged at £4.80 per session (Prices now include VAT)

  • Fidler Music clubs are charged at £6.50 per session

We want to ensure that the clubs we offer are of the highest quality, if children sign up for a club, we expect good behaviour and full attendance. If children sign up for a club but do not attend, without reasonable explanation, they will be asked to leave.

If you are eligible for a free place, please see the Office for a Manual Consent Form places will not be given without the completed form.

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