Behaviour Strategies at Broadstone Hall Primary School

Broadstone Hall is an inclusive school. We aim to give all our pupils the same opportunities regardless of their race, religion, background, ability and social or emotional need. However, to achieve such equality, some pupils have to have more help than others. For example, those who struggle with reading may receive more support so that they can catch up with other pupils. The same is also true of behaviour.

As a school we use the Restorative Approach method to meet the behavioural needs of our pupils. Restorative Approach gives all pupils an equal voice and nurtures an environment where children have the opportunity to take responsibility for their own actions. It focuses on the harm done rather than the rule broken.

The restorative approach allows people to discuss:

  • What happened?
  • Who has been affected and how?
  • What is needed to put things right?
  • What has been learned to allow the person responsible to make better choices in future?

To help our children to make better choices in future situations we also use the solutions circle which provides the pupils with a range of strategies to de-escalate or solve behaviour issues that may occur from time to time in school.

Our Ofsted Inspection in March 2017 had a focus on the behaviour of pupils. The results of Ofsted’s online questionnaire, Parent View, showed that the large majority of parents believe that school leaders deal with behaviour incidents and any bullying well. Parents recognised the importance of the opportunities pupils are given to discuss sensitive issues in a supportive situation. Pupils are encouraged to discuss relationships and to understand the importance of accepting responsibility and apologising in improving behaviour.

Behaviour in lessons and around school was observed as good. Pupils support each other well informally and through a range of structured systems. Year 6 pupils are trained to be ‘restorative resolvers’ who sort out minor disagreements. Pupils play together well.

Our Behaviour Policy is currently under review




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