Broadstone Bugle

The Broadstone Bugle

The Broadstone Bugle is the school's own online newspaper which has ben established for many years now, written by the pupils for our school community.

The purpose of the paper is to describe the different events and lessons that occur at the school, from the pupils' perspective.

Each year, the teachers from Y2-Y6 choose a pupil from their class who has a talent for writing, to describe the activities that their year group get up to each half term. Therefore, the writting team produce 6 editions of The Bugle for the scholl community to enjoy every year.

They are all published on the school website but some copies are left for parents and visitors to read and take home, outside the school office at the end of each half term.

There are also previous editions of The Broadstone Bugle available here for you to download.

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