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After seeking the advice of the Stockport Safeguarding Service, we are pleased to announce that our twitter feed will be operation to let you know what the children are up to at school in lessons and around the school grounds.

However, we are not allowed to show pupils faces, unless we have permission from parents/carers. This is because photos may be screenshotted by unkown website users and then displyed on other social media platforms, over which we have no control.

There will be a new permission letter coming out soon to authorise the use of the childrens' images, so until then we will just be showing the work and activites that the children are taking part in.

We had to temporarily suspend the use of twitter as one or two parents were taking images from our feed and copying them onto other socail media platforms but our parents had not given permission for this to happen.

Hopefully, with a new permission authorisation and more responsible use of our twitter images, we will be able to maintain our use of twitter without any future issues.

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