Mission Statement & Vision


In January 2015, the staff and pupils at Broadstone Hall went through the process of rewriting our school motto and mission statements as well as developing a school vision statement.

The school motto describes what the school stands for and will be used by the staff and children each day.

The school mission statement describes what the school is about now and what we feel we do well at the moment.

The school vision statement describes how we would like the school to be in the future and what we are continually working towards.

The school council, staff and governors, after much discussion, came up with three statements that they were really pleased with and have real resonance with way that the school operates.

School Motto

‘Broadstone Hall; a Caring, Respectful and Co-operative Learning Community’

School Mission Statement

At Broadstone Hall we provide a secure, happy and caring environment in which everyone can learn.

We aim to create a school where all children and staff feel valued and are encouraged to fulfil their potential.

We celebrate all achievements great and small.

School Vision

  • At ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Broadstone Hall Primary School we encourage everyone to be part of a caring, respectful, co-operative, learning community.
  • We do this through a curriculum that is engaging, purposeful, challenging, creative and encourages pupils to be independent and collaborative, but also able to use basic skills with confidence.
  • We ensure that the views of the pupils, about what they do and how they learn, are taken into consideration.
  • Pupils will therefore leave the school with a wide range of skills and a collection of memorable learning experiences from our local area and beyond.
  • This learning is facilitated by an enthusiastic, motivated, co-operative, hardworking, well trained and valued staff team who build positive relationships and have ownership of and purpose in the things that they do.
  • This is carried out in a well-resourced, multi- environmental school, which is fit for purpose in the 21st century for all age groups, and ensures equality of provision for all staff and children.
  • It is strategically managed by a governing body that can constructively challenge, guide, monitor and moderate progress towards shared goals for the school.
  • The progress towards these goals is regularly and efficiently communicated to all stakeholders within the school community.

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