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September 2021 Covid Update

Due to the majority of requirements concerning the reopening of schools from September 2021 being lifted, it will now be possible for us to run after school clubs as we have done in the past, with less restrictions and the freedom to select club attendees from a wider group .

We will be running The Hub fully from September 2021 and provision will be available to all year groups, within the limits of the full capacity of The Hub.

As part of our wrap around care, the Post Learning Hub is an after-school care provision, run by the school that aims to offer parents a good quality and affordable childcare service. 

The Post Learning Hub provides a range of indoor and outdoor activities at Broadstone Hall Primary School to suit the ages of the children. We also include healthy snacks and refreshments. We provide childcare for Broadstone Hall pupils from 3:15 pm to 6:00 pm, Monday to Friday during term time.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide a safe, warm, stimulating environment for each child and extend the development of physical and social skills, independence and positive self-image that is promoted in school, during lesson time.

At the Post Learning Hub, we understand the importance of providing care that compliments the existing range of after school clubs and we are dedicated to providing a competitive service with discounted pricing for children attending part sessions.


For Bookings/Enquires please contact the Post Learning Hub Manager on              or 0161 432 1916 or leave a message at the school office in a sealed envelope marked for the attention of the Post Learning Hub Manager.

Post Learning Hub Times


Price Per Child



Sibling prices for 2nd or 3rd child attending


Full session

3.15pm to 6 pm    



Part Session

 From end of other club

4:30 to 6pm    



 (Prices were correct at the time of going to press however reserve the right to change the price if required).

Please note that charges are per session, we do not apply a discount if your child is collected before 6pm

Part session price only applies to children attending other clubs at Broadstone Hall Primary School. 

Payment Policy

Fees are payable in advance of the session.


Our committed team of staff have suitable qualifications and experience in childcare, ensuring the best care for your child. The Post Learning Hub staff undergo DBS checks and first aid training.

We have qualified first aiders in attendance at every session.

All staff treat children as individuals with equal respect

Our Safe Recruitment, Whistle Blowing and Safeguarding Policies are available on request. 

Payment and Booking Procedure   

Fees are required to be paid in advance of the session and are due on the 1st of the month. We expect full payment for sessions in advance even if the child is collected early or cannot attend.

Once a child has been registered and their place has been allocated, they will retain their place at the Post Learning Hub until cancellation by the parent/carer.

If you are a regular member of the club and no longer require the use of our service, please let us know a month in advance as we may be able to offer the place to someone on the waiting list. 

We regret that refunds for cancellations cannot be made. At the Manager’s discretion we may allow parents to swap a session during the month, providing we have places available and the request is made at least a week in advance. Sessions cannot be swapped if a child is absent at short notice.  

If a parent arrives after 6:00 pm for any reason, a late charge of £5.00 per 10 minutes will be incurred.

We accept casual bookings providing we have a place available, and your child is already registered. Please check for availability first then pay for the session prior to your child coming to the Post Learning Hub.

If you require additional sessions, please check for availability first, then send an e-mail or written note stating clearly the requested dates and forward, together with your payment to either the school office or the Post Learning Hub. Please note that additional bookings will not be accepted without payment. 

Payments can be made by ParentPay or Childcare Vouchers, we do not take cash payments.

To view your Post Learning Hub account you will need to set up and register with ParentPay even if you pay with Childcare Vouchers. ParentPay will then allow you to view your ongoing balance.

Childcare Vouchers

As a childcare provision registered under Broadstone Hall Primary School with OFSTED, the Post Learning Hub can take payment with Childcare Vouchers. The Government’s approach is in transition, therefore parents need to check their own circumstances and determine which payment method is best for them. The school can have no involvement in this matter.

If you wish to pay by Childcare Vouchers please include the details of your provider on the registration form.

Registration Form

It is crucial that a Registration Form is completed in full for each child who will be attending, as it provides contact names, your child’s doctor, allergy information, special requirements, health concerns and gives staff contact information needed in emergencies. The Post Learning Hub must be notified immediately of any change to these details. A child cannot be accepted without the signed form. 

Absences after School

The Post Learning Hub must be notified of the absence of a child

If your child is not going to attend school due to illness or an agreed absence please inform the office in the usual way and the Hub Manager will be notified.

Notification of planned one off absences from The Post Learning Hub, should be made in writing either via e-mail or a note, alternatively you can telephone or send a text message to the Post Learning Hub. 

In case of cancellation at short notice please ensure that the school is informed by 2.00 pm

If you add or cancel an afternoon session at short notice, you will need to inform your child’s class teacher of any changes you may have agreed with the Post Learning Hub Manager. 

Children Attending Other Clubs   

If your child attends another club after school, before attending the Post Learning Hub, please ensure that you only book a part session when registering. Snacks and drinks will be offered to your child on arrival.

If a child is attending another club at Broadstone Hall before attending Post Learning Hub then a reduced fee will be charged.

Collection of Children

You can collect your children at any time during the course of the afternoon, as long as they are collected no later than 6:00pm. If there is a problem getting to the club on time then the parent must ring the Post Learning Hub to advise them of the reason for the delay and make alternative arrangements for the collection of the child. If you make alternative arrangements for the collection of your children you need to notify the club, giving details of the person who will be collecting on your behalf.

Staff cannot assume responsibility for the child after 6:00 pm. If the parent/carer fails to collect a child on time, a late charge of £5 per 10 minutes will be incurred. If this happens regularly the child’s place may be withdrawn.

Car Parking

Please park legally and responsibly on the street when collecting your child from the Post Learning Hub and please be respectful of our neighbours.


Parents should collect their children from the entrance on Bollington Rd (The same entrance as Breakfast Club).


We would strongly recommend that you name your children’s clothing and other items; this will help us to return them to you promptly. We regret that we cannot take responsibility for any lost or damaged property whilst your child is at the Post Learning Hub.

Please be advised that children and parents are not allowed to go back to classrooms to collect a forgotten item. The Post Learning Hub staff remind the children of this procedure and ask whether they have their belongings with them. If you find that it is very important that they collect an item from their classroom, please inform a member of staff at the Post Learning Hub who may be able to help.   


The Post Learning Hub is a place where children should feel welcome, safe, have fun and be happy. It should be a place where they can make friends and be themselves, as well as a place where they can try new and exciting activities. Our expectation is that children are kind and considerate towards other people and look after equipment and premises.

We expect our children to follow Our Golden Rules as set out in the schools Behaviour Policy which is available on the school website.

  • Do be gentle
  • Do be kind and helpful
  • Do work hard
  • Do look after property
  • Do listen to people
  • Do be honest

If a child behaves inappropriately a Restorative Approach will be the course of action undertaken. 

This aims to:

  • Develop the skills and abilities of people to manage their thoughts and feelings
  • Ensure people take responsibility for their own actions
  • Aid people in developing the skills necessary to rebuild and repair relationships
  • Reflect on their behaviours, attitudes and actions

A restorative meeting may also be required, which is a meeting between a staff member and two or more young people. Everyone has an opportunity to say what happened, and to say what needs to happen for everyone to move on. Our Golden Rules will be used to help pupils to do this. Through using set restorative questions, all children feel they will be listened to, all children get to see the other person’s point of view and together relationships can be repaired in order to move forward. 

If the situation continues, the Post Learning Hub will meet with the parent to discuss concerns. 
The Post Learning Hub reserve the right to ask parents to remove a child who refuses or consistently fails to abide by the Club’s rules and expectations.
All members of staff will treat children with respect and sensitivity and are expected to behave in a responsible manner.
Our Behaviour and Anti-Bullying Policies are available on the school website.   
The Post Learning Hub is an inclusive provision and is fully committed to operating a non-discriminatory club. Equal opportunities will be considered in all aspects of the service that our club provides. All those attending the Post Learning Hub will be treated with due respect; it is therefore essential that members should challenge all racist, sexist and other oppressive language and behaviour or discrimination.
Our Equalities in education policy is available on the school website. 
Please refer to our GDPR policy on the school website.
Child Protection and Safeguarding Children  
At The Post Learning Hub we provide a welcoming, safe and stimulating indoor and outdoor environment, and take any necessary steps to ensure the safety and welfare of the children in our care.
All Post Learning Hub members of staff undergo DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checks; procedures are in place to ensure that staff looking after children are suitable to fulfil the requirements of their roles and responsibilities.
Every child has the right to be protected and it is our duty to report anything we see or hear that leads us to think that a child may be neglected or suffering physical, sexual or emotional abuse.
Our Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy is available on the school website.

 Health and Safety    

The Post Learning Hub recognises and accepts its responsibility for providing a safe and healthy environment for all children, staff and users. A successful safety policy relies on the staff and children actively following policy and procedures.
Risk assessments are carried out regularly to ensure the safety of all.
For safety reasons parents/carers are not permitted to wander around the school. 
Once you are ready to leave The Hub, please let a member of staff know, sign your child out and then leave the building by the designated exit. If you re-enter the building for any reason please ensure a member of the Post Learning Hub staff knows you are on the premises.
Our Health & Safety Policy is available on the school website.
Fire Safety
In the event of a fire or the fire alarm activating all persons need to leave the building using the nearest fire exit and assemble at the Post Learning Hub designated fire point. All people will be escorted to the assembly point by the Post Learning Hub staff and accounted for.
Fire drills and safety rules are regularly practised, and the children reminded to ensure they are able to follow the correct procedures.
Our Fire Safety policies and procedures are available on request. 
Accidents and Illness
Any minor accidents will be dealt with and recorded and the child’s parent/carer will be informed when collecting the child from the Post Learning Hub or as soon as reasonably possible.
In case of a more serious accident, appropriate action will be taken and the parent will be informed immediately.
Please ensure that the child’s registration form and medical form is always up to date.
First Aiders are available on the premises.  
If a child is ill during a session, the parent will be contacted.
Please inform a member of staff if your child is taking any form of medication.
Medicines will only be administered by our staff on the written authority of the child’s parent or carer and where a signed medication form has been received.
Medicines are kept out of the reach of children and will be returned to parents as required. We keep a written record each time a medicine is administered to a child.
Afternoon Snacks 
The Post Learning Hub offer a variety of light snacks on different days, for example: wholemeal bread sandwiches or toast, fresh fruit, yogurts, dips and vegetable sticks, cheese and crackers, rice cakes and juice or water. Children have access to drinking water throughout the session and can use their own drinking bottles if they have them available.
It is very important that the Post Learning Hub is kept informed about children who have food allergies or special dietary needs. (Please refer to the Registration Form).                                             
Waiting List
The Post Learning Hub will notify parents of the availability of spaces on a first come first served basis. As places become available your child will move up the waiting list so please keep the manager updated with any changes to your requirements. 
Parents/ Carers Views  
At the Post Learning Hub we value the views and suggestions from our parents; we endeavor to listen and respond to any views or concerns you may have at any time, and enjoy sharing information about the children’s activities. 
At the Post Learning Hub we believe that parents/staff partnership is crucial to the child’s well-being; if you need to speak to a member of staff in confidence, please do not hesitate to let us know, alternatively you can email us. 
A questionnaire will be sent out to parents and children once a year in order to obtain feedback regarding the quality of care that the Post Learning Hub provides; consequently we will review the way our provision operates. 
We hope that you do not find yourself in a position where you need to make a complaint, however should this be the case, we are confident that any problems which may arise during time at the Post Learning Hub can be dealt with promptly by the manager.
Should the matter not be resolved then please contact the Headteacher, giving information about your concerns and allow time for the matter to be investigated.
In all cases we will endeavour to deal with your concerns promptly and courteously.
The Complaint Policy and Procedure is available on the school website.

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