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The school council is made up of representatives from Y2 to Y6 and they meet twice a month under the leadership of Miss Morgan and the Y6 Chair and Vice Chair of the council. The memebers are elected by their own classes and all the pupils from Y1-6 vote for the Chair and Vice Chair of the council each September.

One of the main tasks that The School Council undertake each year, is to choose and promote our annual charity, which we support for a full academic year.

In 2016-17 the council decided to support the Wish Upon a Star charity which provide exciting trips for terminally ill children. Over the year, various activites took place which raised money for this cause.

Performance Collections                               £213.00

Y6 Christmas Jumper Day                            £508.45

Y2 Onesie Day                                              £65.30

Y5 Sponsored Silence                                  £271.60

Y1 Crazy Hair Day                                       £75.50

Y3 Cake Sale                                               £130.00

Charity Concert                                            £158.00

Y4 Sponsored Swim                                    £706.14

Musical Evening Collection                          £75.01

Drama Evening Collection                           £45.22

Grand Total                                                 £2262.52

This amount was presented to Wish Upon a Star in November 2017.

In 2016/17 we also had a one off collection for Red Nose Day which raised £468.00 for that charity. Overall, I think you will agree that this represents a fantastic achievement for the year and The School Council would like to thank all those who contributed for their generosity.

In 2017-18 The School Council decided to support Cancer Research for the year.       

The school was able to raise £ for Cancer Research in 17-18.

In 2018-19 the school councillors wanted to support an environmental charity but thsi proved difficult as most environmental organisations wanted support in terms of volunteers, rather than  cash donations. Instead, the pupils chose to support The Seashell  Trust who support people with ASD.

We should be able to report the full total raised to you this term on this page.

In 19-20, the school council chose to support CLAPPA the cleft lip and pallet association. A range of activities were organised and some took place, but fund raising was suspended due to the Covid pandemic in March 2020. The total raised for CLAPPA will be available in September 2020.                        

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