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Wecome to the Broadstone Hall Primary School Website. I hope that you will find it a useful and informative tool that enables you to find out what you need to know about our school. It is a great honour for me be the Headteacher at Broadstone Hall Primary School and I enjoy  the challenge that every new day brings.

I have been a teacher at this school for over twenty years now and I have taught classes from Y2 to Y6 during that time. I became Deputy Headteacher in 2006 and I have been Headteacher since 2015.

Broadstone Hall is all about children and we work very hard to ensure that they have enagaging, challenging, purposeful and enjoyable learning experiences each day to develop their social skills, emotional resilience and academic capabilities. This can be a challenging but rewarding job for our staff, particularly in the light of the very demanding educational expectations that are in place at the moment for schools and children.

I am very proud to say that our "Good" rating from our last Ofsted inspection in March 2017, gave us validation that what we are doing to improve the school his having a positive impact and is moving us in the right direction.

Our most recent set of school results also proves that we are improving academically. The 2018 results show that our progress data for last year's Y6 pupils in Reading, Writing and Maths, was in the national average bracket, which means we are in line with national progress data. We have also improved our attainment figures each year for the last three years and our attainment figures are now in line with attainment nationally.

There are a few changes for 2018-19 and our staff will be updating the website across the year as new events come up each month.

Broadstone Hall is now one of the largest primary schools in Stockport with some 540 pupils on role and we will be doing our best to ensure that the school is managed as effectively as possible.The school is split into 4 areas; Early Years, Key Stage 1, Lower Key Stage 2 and Upper Key Stage 2.

Each section consists of five classes and has their own phase leader, who is responsible for ensuring that school policies, practices and procedures are carried out to the highest standard. We now have 75 pupils in each year group from Reception to Y6 so we are at full capacity.

To make our intake number work effectively in terms of class sizes, we have a mixed age class in each phase, apart from Early Years. This means that each phase contains 150 children, split into classes of around 30 pupils, including mixed age Y1/2, Y3/4 and Y5/6 classes. Pupils are carefully chosen for the populations of these classes and we work hard to ensure that they are both socially and academically effective for the children in them. There is a full explanation of how they operate in our parents section of the website.

 We also have superb facilities and an excellent and dedicated staff team who have supported the school for many years.

I see our school as a learning community that not only includes the children, staff and governors, but all of our parents and carers as well. Over this year, there will be learning events for our parents and carers to become involved in and opportunities to come and see what happens in classrooms duiring lesson time.

Broadstone Hall Primary School is a school that I firmly believe in and I will do my best to see that it continues to develop, improve, offer the best education that it can for your children and be a caring, respectful and co-operative learning community.


Simon Langley, Headteacher


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