Reading at Broadstone Hall Primary School

At BHPS we recognise that extensive reading and exposure to a wide range of texts make a huge contribution to a child’s educational achievements. We aim to develop an environment which engages and motivates our children to read widely and often, for their own pleasure and enjoyment.

Reading is focussed on the two dimensions of reading:

  • Word reading
  • Comprehension

The complexity of reading also includes the development of syntax, grammar and meaning.

We aim to develop word reading through a structured approach to phonics (Letters and Sounds) which develops the speed and accuracy of the pronunciation of words (decoding).

We aim to develop comprehension in reading through a wide range of texts eg. stories, non-fiction, newspapers, poems. The teaching of vocabulary and comprehension is developed through discussions and questioning with an adult in whole class, guided and individual reading sessions. The texts the children experience in these sessions will be at a higher level than their home reading book.

Reading colour-banded books

Our school has an extensive range of books for the children to read, both in school and at home. The books are colour-banded and are progressive in the development of phonic skills and age appropriate content and vocabulary.  Our books introduce the children to a wide variety of different texts for both the teaching of reading in school and for reading at home. Home colour-banded reading books are at the correct level of difficulty for children to practise reading independently with confidence and understanding.

Our Library

Covid 19 Update

Due to the restrictions around the use of school rooms by multiple class groups (as laid out in the Dfe guidance on the full reopening of schools), it will still not be possible for us to use the school library as a lending resource or working area at the start of  the 21/22 academic year. The library will take some time to reorganise into a useable resource after not being available for 18 months. As soon as it is ready to use again, we will let you know. In the meantime, we are advising parents to continue to use the online library resource that we introduced during lockdown. Details of how to access this resource have been added to this page.

Children also have access to a range of books in our school library. These books are suitable for children throughout the school, but are not colour-banded. Therefore, children can choose any book of interest to them and may need more support at home to access them. Reading these books aloud and discussing them with your child provides a great opportunity to develop vocabulary and comprehension skills.

Junior Librarian

Every child has a personal library log-in. This enables them to physically access our library at school to borrow and return books, but also access our library catalogue from home by logging into the Junior Librarian website. Through the catalogue they are able to browse which books are available in the school library and reserve them for borrowing during their next school library session. They can also read book reviews about books in our library and write a review themselves for other to read.



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