The Broadstone Hall school vision states that “It is strategically managed by a governing body that can constructively challenge, guide, monitor and moderate progress towards shared goals for the school.” Our governing body is well represented from all parts of the community; including parents and teachers. We are active and well informed about the school’s work. Our members are involved in weekly school leadership meetings to keep abreast of developments and challenge ideas in our role as critical partners. The focus at every meeting of our governing body is to ensure equality of opportunity for every pupil and tackle any form of discrimination. We are committed to the school mission statement and seek to ensure that all children and staff feel valued and are encouraged to fulfil their potential. Each year group has a designated governor, please see details below. If you wish to contact a governor in the first instance please contact the school office.

"The governing body is active and well informed about the school’s work. Its members attend senior leaders’ meetings to keep abreast of developments and challenge ideas in their role as critical partners. The school’s self-evaluation is an essential focus at every meeting of the governing body and provides clear guidance about the monitoring of teaching and learning and the progress of different groups of pupils. This ensures equality of opportunity for pupils and tackles all forms of discrimination. The school fully complies with all safeguarding requirement, including the training of governors and staff, to ensure the safety and well being of pupils and adults in the school. " Ofsted report May 2012


Being a Governor is challenging and can take up a lot of time but is also very rewarding. At the moment our Governing Body is full but vacancies for Parent Governor do come up. If you are interested in being a Governor of Broadstone Hall please email with brief details about what you can offer our school.

Our Governing Body acts as the ‘critical friend’ of the school. It is made up of volunteers from all areas of the community, who meet regularly to discuss important aspects of running the school. As Governors, we are always welcome into school and try to get involved as much as we can so that we are familiar with the curriculum and the way that the school operates on a day to day basis. We do this so that we can identify what the school is really good at and what areas we could improve.



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