✨ The STAR OF THE WEEK sweatshirt is born! ✨

Let this day go down in history, the Golden Jumper is no more and THE STAR OF THE WEEK sweatshirt is born!

Hurrah! I hear you all cry! It has only taken us 3 years! But it was well worth the wait! 🙌

After much debate on how best to celebrate our star of the week children without 'hindering' them by putting them in an easily stained yellow jumper (we have heard the rumours! 🙈) Collectively we have come up with the more popularly received ✨ STAR OF THE WEEK sweatshirts! ✨ and the children are over the moon to be wearing them!

Look out for them on the playground at home time today, navy sweatshirts with a GOLDEN STARBURST on the front and emblazoned on the back in golden embroidery... ✨ STAR OF THE WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ✨

(Much easier to keep clean!!!!!!!)

No more grubby Golden Jumpers! ✨ Wear them loud and wear them proud! ✨

Congratulations to everyone who received one today - they are to be returned, washed and ready to pass on to the next Star of the Week next Friday!


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