22nd March 2020 - Coronavirus Update

Good Morning & Happy Mothers Day - albeit a far different one for all this year,

We have an update: Should your child be on the "Free School Meals" register then we are pleased to announce there will be a hot meal available for your child at school daily, Monday to Fridays.

This is different to, and does not include children on Universal Free School Meals. If you are unsure if this applies to you, then you can always contact the Office to check the list.

Your child will need to be accompanied by an adult and enter the school via the Breakfast Club entrance on Bollington Road at 11.30am. The time is non-negotiable.

Children will wash their hands before eating.

All children showing any symptoms on arrival will be required to return home with their parent, this may include taking temperatures on arrival at school.

If you are currently self isolating please wait until your isolation period ends and respect all social distancing guidelines.

If you have not yet received your Offer Letter from school if you are a key worker, and submitted your application before the deadline on Friday, or we are still awaiting your requested days then please contact nichola.keith@broadstonehall.stockport.sch.uk

All other children must be cared for at home in line with Government advice.

Take care & keep safe

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