A couple of bits of housekeeping...

Just before we break for the weekend, a couple of reminders ;-)

Please do not allow your children to congregate on the tyres (in the playground) at the end of the day at pick up. Sorry to be killjoy, but we do everything in our power, not to let different class bubbles mix during the day at school. Where possible, on school property, the children must be seen to be staying within their bubbles.

Please collect your child swiftly and exit the school playground allowing for social distancing.

On the same note: we are no longer allowing sweets to be brought in for children's birthdays. This is because of a wider range of allergies & dietary needs within the school  - but mainly because of Covid-19 and sweets from one home then being distributed between many homes.

On that note: Have a lovely weekend - stay safe! ;-)

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