A personal call from your teacher...

In the spirit of Children's Mental Health Week, every child who is currently at home remote learning is going to receive a call from their teacher. You will probably have received all manner of calls from us recently; welfare calls, IT calls, home learning engagement calls. But this one is not for you - this one is for your son &/or daughter ;-)

This one is a personal call from their teacher to each and every child who has not been able to attended to school during Lockdown 3.0 to say hello.

To chat, catch up, offer support and just make personal contact with the children.

So stand down grown ups - this is not a parents evening. Please expect a call from your class teacher on a withheld or school number over the next few days and make sure your child is available(?!) to chat. 

If your child is not good on the telephone, pop them on speaker phone and help them along perhaps.





A full timetable of every calss will be issued tomorrow.

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