Advice regarding changes to Breakfast Club & School Dinners

Dear Parents & Carers,

As you are aware, you were notified at the end of last term about changes to our lunch service and Breakfast Club from September 2019.

I hope you can understand that this a NEW change for ALL of us. As a school of our size, we need to move with the times, and in line with our peer schools. This change is designed to ensure your child is having the balance school meal that you want them to have, and not simply selecting what they like.

Please do not panic - especially on public social media forums as this only causes confusion and delay.
This is a learning curve for all of us. Please help us help you. We are all learning together.


1. Please use the following to preorder your child’s meal and register their attendance at Breakfast Club, where a variety of 4 healthy items will be available to them.

2. Any trouble logging in, please email

3. If your child, is a NEWBIE to Reception or Nursery, they will not appear yet (as they are not OUR child until we see their presence in school for at least one session.) Once they are in attendance and official THEN their ParentPay will be set up and linked to Lunchhound for preordering.

4.  All children will get fed a default healthy meal choice should you not have got to grips with the system by tomorrow.

Everything will be okay.


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