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AND FINALLY...Our "Always" badges

Dear Parents/Carers,
It gives me great pleasure to inform you that myself and Ms. Rogers have today presented our first "Always" badges in line with our new Behaviour Blueprint. 
It is a great privilege to be awarded an "Always" badge and children should wear them with pride. These badges are awarded to those children who always do everything to the best of their ability and always demonstrate outstanding behaviour and attitude. 
A program of activities and treats will be arranged for those children who have been awarded an "Always" badge. 
I hope that over the coming weeks we will be presenting more "Always" badges to more of our fantastic children.
One final note is that if these badges go into the washing machine, I cannot be personally held responsible for any blocked filters. I have told the children it is their responsibility to remove the badge from their jumper or cardigan!
Hope you all have a great weekend!
Mr Taylor
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