AND NOW...Virtual Class Check AKA "Circle Time!!!"

We know that many of our children are missing their friends and social interaction between each other. So we would like to offer you a virtual class check in - or as the children know it "Circle Time," for every child - in school & home learners to meet up as a class.

 A trial run took place yesterday for 6IM and was very successful therefore we feel confident to roll it out across the school as a whole.

A timetable has been attached for when you class circle time will start via Zoom on Friday 12th February. We would like as many from each class to attend their virtual class check in as possible. The Zoom login details for your class will be TEXT TO YOUR PHONE/EMAILED to you tomorrow.

For now, find your allocated time slot, download ZOOM and wait for more information. Please appreciate that these Zoom Circle Time meetings will be running simultaneously across the school.

Families with more than one child please be mindful that you may need to download Zoom on more than one device - however, Zoom is smartphone/Ipad/laptop friendly.

It should last approximately 15 minutes. 

It will be led by your child's class teacher.

However, to ensure that we follow robust safeguarding procedures and keep your child safe, children who login at home will need to follow the rules below:

  • Your child must keep their microphone turned off until told otherwise by their teacher.
  • Your child must be in a 'neutral' room in the house, such as a living room or kitchen. 
  • He/she must be fully dressed.
  • He/she must not have anything offensive in the background.
  • Your child must not share the Zoom login details with anyone else.

If any of these rules are broken, then a member of the school's Senior Leadership Team may ask them to leave the call.

Friday 12th February Timetable


RJA/BW - 9.15am

RLR/JEA - 9.45am

RLE - 10.15am


1CH - 9.00am

2MK - 9.30am

1CR/LM - 9.15am

1/2LJ - 9am

2MK - 9.45am


3-4SH/JB - 10am

3CN - 10am

3DB - 10.15am

4NOH - 10.30am

4SHH - 11am

5LMC - 10.45am

5JG - 11.15am

5-6RTB/CP - 11.30am


6IM - 12.15pm

Thanks for your ongoing support

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