Broadstone Hall Primary School - Making School Safer

So previously, Mr. Langley has referred to The 9 Control Measures. The Government have advised schools to put in place 9 Control Measures to reduce the risk of contracting Covid-19. A full risk assessment has been carried out, with the advice of Health and Safety Professional and below are the key points.

  1. Minimise contact with individuals who are unwell
  • All members of our school community (children, parents, staff and visitors) are asked to stay at home if they have symptoms and get tested
  • Parents are asked to collect children immediately if their child shows symptoms
  • Anyone showing symptoms during the day must to go home, get tested and isolate until their results are confirmed
  • All members of the school community (children, parents, staff and visitors) to follow Government Advice following a positive test result or having symptoms
  1. Clean hands more thoroughly than usual
  • Hand washing will be a routine measure throughout the day for all people in School
  • Children will be asked to wash hands on entry to school, before and after playing outside, before and after eating, after using the toilet
  • Areas such as the Library and the ICT suite will not be used in September
  • Frequently used resources will be cleaned between different groups of children
  1. Ensure good respiratory hygiene by promoting the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach
  • Tissues and lidded-bins will be available in all rooms
  • Children will be helped by staff to practise using these correctly
  • Use of the outdoor area will be encouraged
  • Visitors can choose to wear face coverings
    4. Introduce enhanced cleaning
  • Increased cleaning throughout the school, especially between groups
  • Frequently touched surfaces being cleaned more often than normal – e.g. light switches, photocopier, door handles
  • Allocated toilets for specific groups of children
    5Minimise contact between individuals and maintain social distancing wherever possible
  • Parents to drop off and collect children from specific areas on the site, socially distanced for their child to be sent out to them
  • Only one parent / carer to drop off and collect whenever possible
  • Staff to move between groups as little as possible
  • Play times and lunchtimes staggered and playground split into zones
    6. Where necessary, wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • When staff carry out intimate care for children they will be able to wear PPE if required
  • If a child has a suspected case of covid 19, staff attending to them will wear PPE
  • Supplies of PPE will be readily available
    7. Engage with the NHS Test and Trace process
  • Parents, carers and staff must be willing to use the Test and Trace Process
  • This involves taking a test, sharing contacts and isolating, in line with Government advice
    8. Manage confirmed cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) amongst the school community
  • Local Health Protection Teams will advise the Nursery if there is a confirmed case
  • This may involve sending staff and children home who have been in contact with the confirmed case
    9. Contain any outbreak by following local Health Protection Team advice
  • If school has two or more confirmed cases or there is an overall rise in sickness the Health Protection Team will advise on the action to be followed
  • This could include: large numbers of children being asked to self-isolate, whole groups or the whole of the school
  • School will also close if there is a regional or national lockdown

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