Christmas Cards DON'T PANIC - we have a back up plan!

Did you forget? Or not have time to finish? Or your child has changed their mind last minute & now wants to do a card but you thought it was too late? Or forget to write your UNIQUE code down? It's okay. And breathe. We have a back up plan to help all.

1. If you forgot to send your design in this morning, we are happy to accept them on Monday. Yay!

2. ****if you did not order BEFORE sending the picture in, and don't have their unique code number, you can call the Office today, or email next week with your child's full name and class and we will try to find it for you.

You only have until Wednesday to order the cards online. 

PLEASE REMEMBER TO ORDER IN ADVANCE!!!! The designs are NOT being, we aren't sent back home again and the company won't scan what isn't pre-ordered. Sounds a bit topsy turvy but true.

Any questions then please do not hesitate to call :-)

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