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European Day of Languages @ Friday 24th September

Next Friday 24th September is European Day of Languages. Each class is allocated a country that they are learning about and the children are encouraged to dress up either in clothes which symbolise their country or the colours of its flag.
Don't overthink the country allocation. Think of it like Eurovision - with Australia. And United Kingdom with nil poi.
You can be as flamboyant or as reserved as you like. Please do feel the need to buy anything new. It's just a bit of fun for the children.
Nursery - Just wear own clothes
RLE - Spain
RLR/JEA - China
RJA/BW - Italy
1CH - France
1CR/LM - France
1-2LJ/BW - Italy
2MK - Italy
2VH - Italy
3DB - Spain
3FM - Spain
3-4SHH/CN - Spain
4ZW - Italy
4SH/JAC - Japan
5CP/CN - Gallic (Ireland)
5NSC - Gallic (Ireland)
5-6AB - Gallic (Ireland)
6IM - Mexico
6RTB - Germany
Thank-you once again for taking part.
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