European Day of Languages Friday 25th September 2020

European Day of Languages Friday 25th September 2020

Shall we have a bit of fun! Yay, I hear you cry! Friday 25th September 2020 we are celebrating European Day of Languages!
If the children would like to dress in the colours (a t-shirt/hairband/socks??!) of their allocated country, it would be an bonus! But NOT essential. I cannot stress enough that it is just a bit of fun to encourage interactive learning for the children. Please please please do not feel you need to buy anything new -  Should you have a flamenco dress or a sombrero left over from a holiday, then go for it!

For EYFS (Nursery/Reception) & KS1 we are just doing a Non Uniform Day, so they don't feel left out! ;-)

In KS2 children will spend the day learning about European languages and traditions.
Y3D & 3CN - Germany
Y3-4SH/JB Japan - not entirely European, but it's Madame Bull's favourite place - so lets just go with it!
Y4SHH Spain
4NOH El Salvador (Spanish)
Y5LMC & 5LMC Netherlands
Y5-6RTB Spain
6IM - Mexico (Spanish speaking!?)
Y6ECJ - Argentina (Spanish speaking!?)


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