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FEEDBACK WANTED: Active Neighbour Trial

So as you are aware, the Active Neighbour Trial is now in full swing in the local area. Love it or hate it, The Highways and Transportation Department for Stockport Council will be holding "Drop in Feedback Meeting" & asked to use our Main Hall to facilitate this Tuesday October 5th from 5pm to 8pm. If you cannot attend please send your feedback via and this will be forwarded on immediately.

Here is a message on behalf of SMBC:

"We are excited that the Active Neighbourhood Trial is starting to take shape in Heaton Chapel. We would like you to say thank you for your patience during this time. Planters have now been filled with plants, and we are pleased the pocket park now has the ping pong table and seating in place for any residents wishing to try it out.

The trial is a great opportunity for local residents and their children to take advantage of quieter streets in the area and walk, cycle or scoot to school.

As this is a trial, we will be monitoring the area closely and conducting regular visits to the area. Additionally, a polite reminder to those who must drive to the school to please park appropriately at pick up and drop off times for the safety of everyone. Please avoid parking on double yellow lines and dropped kerbs when collecting children."

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