Summer is here (this week) with temperatures this week soaring up to 30 degrees! As wonderful as this weather is PLEASE ENSURE THE FOLLOWING GUILDLINES for your child's wellbeing in school:

SUNTAN LOTION must be applied liberally BEFORE school (unfortunately teachers are NOT allowed to apply suntan lotion for you, so try and find one that will protect your child for the duration of the school day.)

WATER - We cannot stress how imperative it is for the children to have a water bottle in school. There are taps in every classroom for children to refill as often as needed so please make sure they have bottle available.

PIRITON - if you know your child suffers from hayfever or itchy eyes please administer children's piriton before they come into school. Again, without medical permission, this not something the school are allowed to administer in school. 

SUNHATS/CAPS all are allowed to be worn in this weather at playtime - but please make sure they are clearly labelled with you child's name.


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