How to login in to School Spider

A number of issues booking Parents Evenings seem to stem from parents not being correctly logged in to School Spider App. Just because you can read these messages, does not mean that you are correctly logged in.

If you cannot see Parents Evening displayed on the bottom menu bar - then you ARE NOT LOGGED IN PROPERLY.

Please check:
Press the "house" symbol top left corner on the main screen which will take to it says Parent Dashboard (green.)

Make sure you are signed in where it says "viewing as:" It should say your child's name.

Login: initialsurname (youngest sibling in school)
Password: ddmmyy

If you have more than 1 child in school then you log in as the youngest and go to the "viewing as" drop down menu to switch between children.

Any further problems please call the Office on 0161 432 1916

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