How to reset you School Spider Password to access the Returning to School Survey

How to reset you School Spider Password to access the Returning to School Survey

If you are struggling to find the survey, it should appear on the bottom menu bar.                                                

If you cannot see it then you might not be LOGGED IN PROPERLY. Due heighten security School Spider have logged everybody out of School Spider and you need to reset your passwords.

Check if you are logged in on the Parent Dashboard                           

Your username will be initialsurname of your YOUNGEST child in school.

Your original password ddmmyy WILL NO LONGER WORK!!!!!

It seems now everyone has been required to resent their password by following the reset email and choosing a new password and including uppercase, lowercase, numbers & characters.

You will receive this email with a new password.        

Go back to School Spider and choose your NEW PASSWORD using uppercase, lower case, numbers & characters.                                             


It is very important for everyone to complete the SURVEY regarding your child's proposed return to school after the Whit Holidays.

In order for us to be able to plan according we need as accurate numbers as possible of which children will be returning, those that will be staying home and those who's parents are key workers and need a place.

Please complete the survey via the School Spider App to verify your child's Year Groups proposed date to return to school after Whit.


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