IF YOU MISSED THE SURVEY DEADLINE - Please email your answers to Nichola Keith

Okay. So it hasn't been ideal have a school spider password reset in the middle of an national pandemic. But when are things ever easy? They just make us more resilient.

If you have missed the survey deadline, please email me on nichola.keith@broadstonehall.stockport.sch.uk and let me know:

Child's name
Registration Group
Return to school on specified date YES or NO???
Reception - 10th June
Year 1 - 11th June
Year 6 - 12th June
Nursery - 15th June
If you need a key worker place and WHICH days your child will be in.

***Please, let your friends know, let you FB pages know, let your Parents Forums know.
We are still accepting your responses.***

Also YOU STILL NEED TO RESET YOUR SCHOOL SPIDER PASSWORD FOR THE FUTURE! There is a "How to Guide," on the school website.

For majority of you, you have been able to do the reset, if not, then please email me, nichola.keith@broadstonehall.stockport.sch.uk and I can try and help.

The main issue seems to be a different email address on your central file, but everything is linked - so first we need to make sure your details are correct.

Now more than ever - we need to be able to get in touch with you.

Thank-you for your patience.

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