IMPORTANT MESSAGE: In the event of a class self isolation or further Lockdown

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: In the event of a class self isolation or further Lockdown

Dear Parents,
An important letter is coming home tonight with your child's login details for Purple Mash. These have been reissued as an ONLINE LEARNING PLATFORM in the event of the following:
1. If your child's class (bubble) is sent home for self isolation due to a positive COVID case in school
2. If your child has to self isolate as you or a family member has COVID-19 or
3. If there should be another Nation Lockdown

We have taken heed of our experiences from our previous lockdown from March-June 2020 and appreciate that these events could quite possibly repeat themselves.

Purple Mash can be used as a supplementary learning tool to current on-going studies, but primarily will be used in the event that your child is forced to study from home for any of the above reasons.

It is our legal obligation as a school to provide and supply work to further their home learning education. Similarly - it is your responsibility as a parent that this work is completed and sent back to the teachers. It is highly likely that this will be our "new normal" for some time and therefore we must all take accountability for our children's future and education.

Purple Mash can be used interactively to converse with the teachers once work has been set for them and feedback can be communicated from teacher to child and visa versa. All teachers have undergone the required training for this.

N.B. Our hand was forced early and 3DB and 6EC-J were sent home before the new Purple Mash was set up, so for these 2 classes for the time being please continue to use the work set up on the website and sending completed work to the teachers via

This is a learning curve for all of us - a situation none of us have experienced before, so please be kind. Constructive criticism to how the system is working is always appreciated via the Office.

CAN WE PLEASE REMIND PARENTS: If your child's bubble is sent home to self isolate - they should be doing exactly that, self isolating and completing their work set on line. This is not an opportunity for them to miss school and play out - although we cannot monitor this ourselves, we have been advised to contact the Police should children be seen not following self isolating rules.

Thank-you for your continued support

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