It's time to collectively pull up our socks!

As we come to the end of another term, we can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel.

With this in mind, it has been noticed that standards have slipped slightly in and around school and we would just like to politely remind parents of our expectations as a school so that these can be addressed over the Easter holidays so we can all come back, with a clean slate and a fresh start Summer Term.


We are no longer in a school lockdown therefore school is compulsory. Attendance is not optional.

Start times are between 8.45 - 9am, no later otherwise you will recieve a late mark. We expect children to be punctual. Non attendance without reason will recorded as unauthorised and regular non attendance will be reported.


Dentist, doctors, optician appointments we would like, where possible, to be made outside school hours. Should this not be an option; children should be collected & returned back to school as close to either side of the appointment as possible.


Trackie bottoms/comfy shorts and fashion logo sweatshirts are not school uniform.

Our school uniform aims to create a sense of belonging and raise the profile of the school image. Therefore we would like to remind parents that we have very clear expectations of what children should be wearing.

School uniform can be purchased online from various school uniform stockists including MSC Fog Lane in Burnage as well as Triple S (SSS) in Heaton Moor. Marks & Spencers, John Lewis or Matalan for example also supply school uniform for delivery or click and collect. Most supermarkets supply school t-shirts, shorts and plain navy blue jumpers and cardigans.

We appreciate that school shoes are harder to purchase during Lockdown as you cannot get children’s feet measured, but all other uniform requirements can be purchased online and should be adhered to.

In addition, can we reiterate that children must not wear any jewellery to school - this has now been extended to novelty hair accessories, bows and headbands as these can be a distraction to the children's learning.


PE Kits are to be worn on PE days. A school regulation PE Kit consists of a white t-shirt, black/navy tracksuit or shorts. Not multicoloured.


Several children that have school meals are continually not pre-ordering from home. This is a parents responsibility if your child is on school dinners.

After the Easter holidays, we will no longer be running round the classrooms asking asking individuals what they would like to eat. If a school dinner is not booked from now on your child will be issued a default meal option of Jacket Potato & Cheese.

Should you need help using Lunchhound, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Homework will be set on a Wednesday on Purple Mash and must be completed by the following Monday morning.

Reading books will be issued on a Monday & read at home during the week. Reading records must be signed on a Friday and reading books handed in over the weekend to be reissued on the Monday again.

This has not changed since September.


Please be mindful of your child's social media use. The school has no legal power to regulate the online access that pupils have outside school and although any bullying activity is not happening on the school site as yet, it then affects behaviour, anxiety and subsequently lesson time and the learning of pupils in school.

It can also take up a large amount of time for staff and senior leaders to deal with, which could be spent instead on educating the children at school more effectively.

And with that we can all move forward with the same understanding and respect for each other and the school.

Have a wonderful Easter holidays.

We thank-you for your continued support & co-operation.

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