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Let me tell you a little story...

Are you sitting comfortably, then we'll begin.

"Once upon a time, our school library was full of light, children & knowledge!

But then a black cloud of COVID swept across the world and our library sadly closed its doors indefinitely :’-(

Weeks and months passed, cobwebs grew and donations of unwanted books piled up in shopping bags untouched.

The school library looked more like a store room than a place of learning and the books grew tired, tatty and unloved.

But then as if by magic a library fairy came to us, in the form of Helen Brickell from HLC Library Transformations and she WAVED HER MAGIC WAND & MADE ALL OUR LIBRARY DREAMS COME TRUE!

After a long career working for Tameside Council as their School Library Service Manager she had many years of experience working with schools and developing their libraries.

Helen deserves such a special shout out because she worked tirelessly, for weeks breathing life back into a much missed space.

With a sprinkle of fairy dust & a lot of love:

· She had a huge cull of all the old or damaged books,

· Created easy signage for guidance,

· Stuck a million author spine stickers & nonfiction colour code stickers on the books

· Held computerised library training for teachers and pupils so they know how to check in & check out books

And finally…

Helen helped us fill stock gaps, by creating a book list of which books we needed to order from Scholastics Book Fair where, with YOUR help as parents, we earnt over £1000 profit to buy new books.

Now our school library is open once again; filled with the sound of joyful children able to choose their own books and enjoy.

…& they all lived happy ever after.


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