No Screen Activities for Home Learners

Dear Parents and Carers,

Thank you for your continued efforts with the home learning, you are doing a great job!

However, we are aware that children at home are being exposed to a great deal of screen time at the moment and whilst the remote learning content is very important, you may wish to have a break fo a short time.

Therefore, Mrs O'Hara (our geography co-ordinator) has produced a list of "21 Challnges for a Park or Outdoors" for you to have a try at if you are able to spare the time at home. This is an addition to the remote learning content and there is no requirement for you to complete all of it.

We hope that you enjoy the challenges:

  • Look for signs of the season
  • Measure some things using your feet and hands
  • Choose somewhere which could be improved and discuss why and how with a friend
  • Without damaging anything, create some environmental art using natural materials.
  • Decide where will look most different in 6 months time
  • Find a place where mini beasts live and study their habitat
  • Explore the park/area, looking for some clues about its history
  • Agree the best place to build a writing den with a friend
  • Locate the steepest slope and the flattest land.
  • Create a home for pixies, elves or monsters to live in
  • Identify the 3 most surprising things you find in the park/space.
  • Walk around the edge of the park/space, noticing how the land beyond its perimeter is used
  • Study any buildings and try to decide what they are used for
  • Lie in the ground, look at the clouds (but NOT the sun) and try to forecast the weather
  • Find some clues about what people like to do in the park/space
  • Without damaging anything, collect some natural materials and sort them into groups
  • Imagine what the park is like in the middle of the night
  • Shut your eyes and listen carefully for a minute, noticing the sounds you hear
  • Decide where would be best places for birds and other wildlife are
  • Decide where would be the best place to sit and read a book
  • Work out how you can remember what the park is like- its features and layout- so that you could draw a map of it from memory.

Many thanks,

Mr Langley

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