November Newsletter is now available to download!

Dear All,

The November Newsletter is now available to download from the school website, just look under the main headers of NEWSLETTER >>>> November Newsletter 2019. It can also be found as a NEWS item on the website and the School Spider app as well as receiving an email.

This year we are introducing four Core Learning Values across our curriculum. These values are Resilience, Independence, Co-operation and Confidence. We believe that these values are intrinsic to the development of children’s learning and are values that will help them learn, not only during school but later on in adulthood. They form part of our Curriculum Statement, which is on our website and daily lessons that go on in the classrooms. Children now also receive award certificates at the end of each term that celebrate the development of these values by individual pupils.
There is a powerpoint presentation on our website which explains the Core Learning Values in more detail.

For a full update of all the school's news, be sure to download the newsletter via the school website.


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