As an alternative to wearing a red nose tomorrow, why not PAINT ON a red nose? Lipstick or Face paint? We know it sounds ridiculous and like the world has gone mad - which at times it seems like it has. But we are requesting that children NOT TO WEAR WEAR NOVELTY RED NOSES. 

When you imagine 500+ children, wearing, swapping, passing, touching each others novelty red noses, it could only mean germs spreading - you know it is for the best.

Wear red? Wear deelee boppers! Wear crazy hair; wear whatever you like (within reason with sensible shoes, underwear & a coat!) bring your best jokes and smiles!!!! But just leave your red noses at home. Sorry to be party poopers.

Donations of £1.00 or more are payable via ParentPay and will go directly to support Comic Relief this Red Nose Day to help tackle important issues including homelessness, child poverty, domestic abuse, and mental health stigma, all of which have been impacted by Covid-19.

If you can't use ParentPay just bring £1.00 to school


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