Parents Evenings go LIVE tonight @ 8pm

Dear All,

You will have received an email/text alert to let you know that Parents Evenings go live later tonight.

It will state that bookings are between 3.30-7.30pm on two dates.

THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOUR BOOKING IS 3.30pm. No bookings are available UNTIL 8pm tonight.

REPEAT: Parents Evenings bookings do not go until LIVE tonight at 8pm.

DO NOT PANIC - if you struggle booking!

Please remember that over 550 parents are trying to book all on one system at the same time.

BE PATIENT! Have a cup of tea! Or glass of wine...?

Make sure while you are waiting that your School Spider App has been updated from the App store, and you are logged in

USER NAME: firstinitialsurname e.g. jbloggs

PASSWORD: ddmmyy (no dots or dashes)


DO NOT TAKE TO FB to curse and fume! TAKE DEEP BREATHS! REFRESH YOUR PAGE... and try again. ONCE YOU HAVE AN APPOINTMENT - Leave it, do not keep checking or fiddling as this just confuses the Spider and appointments get confused or double booked or different nights.

EVERYONE will get an appointment - it will all come out in the wash.

Promise. BE CALM. If you have problems, just call the Office on Monday morning and we will help :-)

And finally - GOOD LUCK!

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