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Price increase to school dinners

Sadly due to the current unprecedented level of inflation we are all experiencing in our daily lives.
As a company, Taylor Shaw Caterers, that provide our school dinners are also having to review all of their pricing while continuing to provide our school and pupils with the best meals possible.
Taylor Shaw have, to date, tried to absorb as much of these unprecedented increases as they can. They have though, reached a point where they need to look to increase the prices at our school.
Effective from 1st April 2022, we will need to increase the PPM by £0.05p. School dinners currently £2.10 will increase to £2.15 per meal therefore £10.75 per week. As you can see from the above, this increase will not cover the full impact of inflation but will assist in mitigating some of the increases and our company will absorb the remainder.
We do hope you understand the need for this change.
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