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Quick check in before the weekend....

It's Friday so let's make this quick! :-)


The main problems that seemed to have been incurred over the last 2 days are with worksheets.

  • No printer/scanner
  • Using PDF’s
  • Uploading work

Try these soultions:

  • Use your laptop/ipad as a textbook - write the answers on a seperate piece of paper, label everything clearly & take a photo of your answers and upload it that way (Maths works best this way without a printer.
  • Alternatively, open a Word document and write answers here and save and upload.
  • PDF's can be edited using the tool bar across the top - same as you "mark up" photos on a phone. Open the PDF and use the "pen" or "text box" on the toolbar at the top of the page to be able to add your answers on the PDF - then upload work.
  • Uploading more than one sheet of work - copy and paste on to one document and upload more than one sheet that way.

Year Group email addresses are being set up for you to contact teachers directly and should be available from Monday. Teachers are working in Year Group teams, so you may well receive a response from another teacher in your child's year group other than their class teacher.

IT Support: We will have a dedicated IT member of staff joining our team starting on Monday to help answer your every Remote Learning needs. We wish her the best of luck ;-)


Please bring in a healthy snack for morning break: Fruit is not being delivered during Lockdown 3.0

Order your school dinners via Lunchhound: If you are a keyworker please remember to book school dinners for your child on the days that they are in if they are having hot dinners

PE Kit: PE is still going ahead on your allocated PE days. Please send your child to school in their PE kit rather than uniform

It is COLD in school. This is not an exaggeration. Can we advise you send your children in wearing thermals, a t-shirt under their uniform, tights, leggings, or an extra hoodie. Or all of the above. At the same time. We HAVE to keep all the windows & doors open for airflow. Due to such a large amount of children taking up keyworker places we need to enforce airflow as much as safely possible, but obviously, it is very cold at the moment.

And finally...


No one of wants to be here again.

No one wants to home school.

No one wants to have their children in school while they go to work on the front line during a pandemic.

Be kind. Stay safe.

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