Road Safety Reminder in front of School

As a school, we are very lucky to have Mrs. White our Crossing Patrol Officer outside the school helping your children to cross the road safely.

However, it has been highlighted that parents/pupils are still continuing to cross the road from behind parked vehicles rather than walking to the designated crossing point with Mrs. White.

We encourage you to lead by example, and please walk your children to the crossing.

Also worryingly, vehicles are driving away in haste without children being strapped into their seats using car seats or seatbelts.

It is imperative that children are secured safely in your vehicle before pulling away.

The role of a School Crossing Patrol officer is to ensure the safety of children and parents waiting to cross the road or crossing at a designated point between prescribed times, without detriment to the health and safety of all other road users.

  • Ensure the safety of children crossing the road at a designated point on their journey
  • Operate hazard warning signs as appropriate
  • Control and direct traffic as appropriate
  • Maintain control over children who are awaiting instructions to cross
  • Regularly assess risks associated with operating at the crossing and identify any problems

Since the appointment of Mrs. White as our School Crossing Patrol Officer, parking around the site seems to have improved and the number of complaints we have received about parents’ parking have reduced.

However, can we ask again that all parents continue to park in a caring, respectful and co-operative manner outside the school grounds.


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