Secret Santa Dates REVEALED!!!!!

It is time to reveal our Secret Santa dates! Secret Santa happens every year and is a wonderful way for the pupils to choose wrapped gifts for their family and friends.

Children are invited to bring money in AN ENVELOPE on their ALLOCATED DAY – NOT BEFORE to buy presents for friends and family.

Wednesday 11th Dec
Year 6
And 5/6

Thursday 12th December
Year 3
Year 3/4
Year 4
Year 5

Friday 13th December
Yr 1

It is £2.00 per present with a max of 5 presents so NO MORE than £10 should be sent per child.
The envelope should indicate:
Child's name & Reg Group
How many gifts are to be bought
And WHO you would like them bought for - Mummy/Daddy/Grandad etc. (Do this, or chance your child going rouge and buying 5 presents for their classmates!!!!!)

Please send a plastic/ore reuseable bag for the presents to be sent home in.

The children get taken down, class by class, on their allocated day and can view the presents and then select what they would like to buy and receive it ALL READY WRAPPED!!!

This is a really lovely way for the children to have some independent present buying for family members.

Any questions, please just call the Office :-)

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