SENT - Letters regarding return to school

Individual letters have now been sent via email to every parent who's child IS returning to school from 10th June onwards. These being in the invited year groups; Nursery, Reception, Year 1, Year 6 & requested Keyworker places.

These have been sent to email addresses that we have currently on file. IF YOU HAVE CHANGED YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS & NOT INFORMED US - please email

If you have NOT received your letter, but you HAVE informed us that you would like your child to return, please let us know.

You will ONLY receive this letter if you have said "YES - my child will be returning," either through completing the on line survey, contacting the school or emailing myself.

This letter will state everything about your child's return to school. Information about uniform, lunches, drop off & pick ups, which school entrance your child must use, which class room your child will be taught in, who their teacher will be etc etc.

Every letter is different. Please DO NOT use someone else's letter to get information for your child. It will not be correct or relevant to YOUR child.

If you have a child in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 or Year 6 and you STILL have not been in touch by the END OF THE SCHOOL DAY TODAY, we will presume your child is not coming back to school at present.

Please don't call the School Office today. Staff on site are busy working with Key worker children & making preparations for next week.

Any questions just email

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