Sibling Photos have been distributed

I repeat - your sibling photos have been distributed and should be coming home today. They have been given to your the eldest child, deemed the most responsible to get them home(!)

There should be a couple of different angle shots per family, some maybe more, depending on how long it took to get them to look like they love each other!

Pick your favourite and now ALL ORDERS ARE ONLINE!!! via using you unique reference number on your form.

Now, this is important: ANYONE THAT MISSED THEIR SIBLING PHOTO last week, or INDIVIDUAL PHOTO back in September due to illness or isolation; the photographers are coming back tomorrow Wednesday 24th March for a mop up of all these.

Please call the Office on 0161 4321916 to make us aware that your child(ren) need their photos taken and we can add them to the list.


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