We have over 100 classroom chairs we would like to save from landfill...could you make use of them?

• Why did the chair break when a plank fell on it?
        It had no lumber support!!!!

• My wife hated my impulse purchase of a new revolving chair. But then she sat on it.
        Eventually she came around.

• A chap goes up to a someone in a disco and says “would you like to dance?” She says yes.
        He says “great, can I have your chair then?”

• Not happy. Someone has stolen my chair. I’m not going to take this sitting down!

• I was working in a call centre when an irate caller asked to speak to someone higher up.
        So I stood on a chair.

If you are interested in some/all/any of the chairs, then please call the Office on 0161 4321916

Thank-you :-)

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