We still care about ALL of you x

Today we welcomed back our Year 6 children. It has been very special to see them back at school again before they transition to high school. It seemed so sad to let them go due to Lockdown on 20th March without the goodbye they deserved.

Just Nursery's phased return to look forward to next week now.

Now listen. I know we have been harping on about how great it is to be open again. We would have YOU ALL BACK, if we could :-) Nothing would make us happier. However bar building another school on the back of this & cloning all our teachers we simply haven't got the capacity to do so and as you know, we have to adhere to Government guidance.

So this message goes out to you Year 2, 3, 4 and 5.
We are still here for you.
Home Learning Projects will still be set for you.
Teachers emails will still be available to you.
We will still be at the end of the phone to help you.
Just because you are not in, we have not forgotten about you.

The Home Learning Projects are on the "Activities to Support Working at Home" section of the website.
They are also on the class pages.
If you are trying to access the website via your phone, they don't always load - it is much better to access via a "big computer."
Reception and Nursery haven't set one this week - they are starting their home schooling again on Monday.

If you are an invited Year Group and you have not returned to school but would now like to, please just email nichola.keith@broadstonehall.stockport.sch.uk and let us know so you can be sent all the details of your return and the teachers can be informed.

Thank-you for all your support this week! WE DID IT! One day closer to normality ;-) Have a lovely weekend

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