Welcome back to one and ALL ;-)

And just like that, school is full again. We are so happy to have the all the children back where they belong.

Enjoy the silence. Make a brew. Go to the gym. Work in peace. Meet your friends and congratulate yourselves. Its been a long 6 months - BUT YOU DID IT!

Few quick points:
APOLOGISES for the long queue to drop off this morning - we hope you can understand, we had a few nervous children (& parents) who were maybe a bit hesitant to say goodbye this morning and also quite a few children confused by the new system of walking across the playground alone to their respective entrances, so this held things up somewhat. Thank-you for your patience.
We are confident as the days go on, everything will become more familiar and the queue will move much quicker and more smoothly.

On a similar note: NO PARENTS are allowed in the school building, unless through the front entrance via the Office - with notice that we should expect you. Please do not try to walk your child to the classrooms. That is what we are here for. Hand them over to a member of staff and we will be more than happy to help.

Thank-you for your co-operation in this matter

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