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What does it all mean? Stockport Co-production Charter

You have probably heard us going on about Broadstone Hall Primary School now being part of the Stockport co-production Charter? But what does it all mean?
***Please see the attachment to see each of the 7 Charter principles explained in FULL***
Co-production is about the way we will all work well together and our Co-Production Charter has been co-produced between parents/carers and professionals to set out the principles of how we should work with each other.
Our Charter principles are:
• Be Open and Honest
• Actively Listen
• Value the Lived Experience
• Do What Matters
• Be Accountable and Responsive
• Work Together
• Be Respectful
You can read the full Charter on our SEND Local Offer website by following this link:
Our local definition of co-production is: "Co-production happens when all voices are actively listened to from the start of the planning process. This involves a mutual respect for each other’s views, with an open and honest relationship that is transparent and continually evolving to achieve meaningful and positive outcomes."
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