About Us

Broadstone Hall is a large primary school situated north of the town centre of Stockport. We are one of the largest primary schools in the borough and we are getting larger! This year in 2018-19, the school has reached its capacity of 75 pupils in each year group and including the children our Nursery, this will create a total facility for up to 565 pupils.

Social and economic indicators vary widely within the area served by the school; there are advantaged parts and pockets of significant disadvantage. Our children also come from a wide range of ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds and these are embraced and celebrated by the school.

At Broadstone Hall Primary School, we believe that all children have a right to be educated in a school where they feel safe, happy and secure and where high expectations for their attendance, behaviour, attainment and achievement are shared by all stakeholders.

We believe that learning should be enjoyable, have purpose and be relevant in the 21st century. Pupils have opportunities to develop their aptitude, interests and ability in a positive and stimulating learning environment.

The school offers an enviable range of extended services in sport and the performing arts and this has had a positive impact on pupils’ experiences and outcomes. For example, pupils have performed at The Manchester City Stadium, The Plaza Theatre and Stockport Town Hall and have represented Stockport for many years in the Greater Manchester Games. The school has a well-established Breakfast Club which serves the needs of around 100 pupils per day and an after school club run by an outside provider. Consequently, our pupils really do have the opportunity for wraparound care from 8:00am to 5:45pm. As well this provision, we have a number of in-school, after school and holiday clubs to further extend the provision available to our children.

All staff are dedicated to improving attainment and achievement and as a result, progress levels are good.  As well as our core teaching staff, we employ specialist computer, PE and French teachers to ensure that pupils receive the best, first-quality teaching in these subjects. We also employ a Higher Level Teaching Assistant, Behaviour Mentor and Family Liaison Worker plus a range of Cover Supervisors,Teaching Asssitants and Special Needs Support Workers to further support raising academic standards and equality of opportunity for our children.

We have enthusiastic and supportive PTA, who not only provide a range of social events for all, but also raise important funds for the school to help improve the educational experiences of all our children.

At our school we ensure that the views of the pupils, about what they do and how they learn, are taken into consideration. Our pupils therefore leave the school with a wide range of skills and a collection of memorable learning experiences, from our local area and beyond, to take with them on their future learning journey.