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Drinks in classrooms & healthy snacks


At Broadstone Hall Primary School, we follow the Local Authority and National guidelines which state that children should only have plain, still or sparking water in school to drink in the classroom. This should be brought into school in a clear container. Flavoured water is not recommended by the Local Authority and National guidelines for children to drink in school. All water from cold taps is of drinking standard in school.

We also recommend that children bring water in clearly labelled multi use containers, rather than single use bottles which are not good for the environment.


A gentle reminder regarding snacks & packed lunches in school plus some snacks sent for afterschool clubs.

We must reiterate that we believe ourselves to be healthy school & although we try not to dictate what children eat during the school day we would like our parents to mindful should be in the majority, healthy.

Morning break: a piece of fruit, or veg (carrot sticks,) a healthy cereal bar (NO NUTS) oatcakes etc.

(EYFS/KS1 Fruit is provided by school as a Government funded incentive)

Packed Lunches: Please no family size/sharing bags of sweets or crisps. 

Afterschool clubs: If you choose to send a snack for your child to tide them over at afterschool club, this only needs to be something small as an quick energy boost! The time the children have to consume something is minimal.


We have a number of children in school who suffer from SEVERE nut allergies. We cannot stress enough the severity of these allergies that could have very serious results should they even come in to contact with nuts to the touch, let alone digest them.

We implore you to empathise and ensure that this must NEVER happen.

The following items SHOULD NOT be brought into school:

· NO packets of nuts (cashews/pistachios etc)

· NO Whitworths mixed nuts sachets

· NO peanut butter sandwiches

· NO Nutella (Chocolate Spread sandwiches)

· NO pesto on pasta/wraps (made with pine nuts)

· NO fruit and cereal bars that contain nuts i.e tracker bars

· NO chocolate bars or sweets that contain nuts (Celebrations i.e. Snickers)

· NO sesame seed rolls (children allergic to nuts may also have a severe reaction to sesame)

· NO cakes made with nuts

We have a policy not to use nuts in any of our food prepared on site at our school.

If there are any issues that you feel arise as a result of this policy, please do feel free to come to the Office to discuss them and if your child develops any allergies, please inform the school.

Help keep our children safe

Thank-you for your co-operation in this matter.

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