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Our Curriculum

At Broadstone Hall Primary School we aim to develop children who are ready and motivated to learn and try their best and who are caring and respectful to all others. Our challenging and creative curriculum aims to inspire our children to know more and remember more and to enable every child to grow spiritually, academically, physically socially, morally and culturally in the safety of the Broadstone Family. We want our children to be fully prepared for their next step in their learning journey and beyond.

Our Core Learning Values

At Broadstone Hall Primary School, we teach our children to be independent, resilient, co-operative and confident learners.

  • Independent learners: encourage children to have a curiosity for learning and to be self-motivated learners
  • Resilient learners: able to keep going if they become stuck, learn and use different strategies when problem solving and edit and evaluate their work in order to improve it
  • Co-operative learners: able to work together to share thoughts, solve problems and develop new ideas
  • Confident learners: able to try out new ideas, problems and concepts without fear of failure

These values weave through our curriculum and form part of our everyday classroom practice.

We expect our children to be responsible for their learning and be caring, respectful and co-operative at school so that they can become curious learners with the necessary fluency in reading writing and maths, to allow them to access all subjects in the curriculum.



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